Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Magical Trading system

There is no such thing as the magical trading system. All trading systems have their strengths and weaknesses.

Many Gurus’ out there will talk about a secret trading system that cannot fail. It supposable is the insider trading system that only a few people know about, and the professionals don’t want you to know. Actually what these systems are, are just different versions of the same trading ideas that you can find all over the internet.

There is no secret out there that only a few people know. And if there was it wouldn’t work. It takes a large number of traders to move the market. One or two traders that have stumbled upon this amazing secret will not be able to move the markets by themselves.

Are there systems out there that work? Of course there are, but no trading system is the absolute best. One trader might do well trading one system but do terrible trading another. Another trader might have completely different results.

In fact every trader will get a different result in the market, even if they copy someone else’s approach. It all comes down to your own personality. Trading requires you to use less emotion and act more like a computer, but everyone is still different.

Some people might prefer to stay out of the market when times are volatile in order to have less stress trading. Others may decide that if their system works in the long run they might as well stay in it and keep following their trading rules during volatile times.

Small changes like this can lead to enormous differences in the returns you will receive as a trader. Your best bet is to not go after the Magical trading systems for sell and start to work at developing your own system, one that fits your personality and trading type.

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