Saturday, July 5, 2008

Figuring out your trading type

All traders should try and find their particular trading type. There are many different ways of trading. Trend trading, swing trading, option selling, and day trading are the most common.

The reason for this is that everyone is different. You cannot trade someone with else’s system as efficiently as them, just like you wouldn’t put on their glove or wear their shoes the same as them. People are diverse in all areas and trading is one of those areas.

There are a few different major trading types below are an example of a couple.

1. Trend traders try to find stocks that are strongly upward trends. They buy the stock and hold onto them until the stock starts showing signs of reversing. When this happens they will get out of the stock. These traders try to buy a strong stock and ride it up all the way up until it stops going up.

2. Swing traders are normally in a trade for a short period of time, maybe 2 to 4 days. These traders try to play the short swings in the market. They are the traders who like fast action, quick gains or quick losses.

3. Option sellers sell options on a stock in attempt to gain the premium. They look for consistent profit instead of huge returns. Probability can also be on their side because they can take trades where the stock does not have to go in 1 direction for them to make money.

4. Day traders have the shortest timeframe for investing, less than 1 day. They try to play the short inner day movements of the stock market. A good day trader will be out of all of their positions by the time the day is over.

Whatever your particular trading style is you should spend your time getting used to trading with it. You may also decide that you want to trade a few different strategies. That can be fine but make sure that you can determine which ones are working and which ones are not.

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