Sunday, June 22, 2008

Figuring out your trading strategy

It is very important to be able to figure out your own trading strategy. That is because not everyone trades the same way. There are many different trading strategies out there for many different trading types. Every new trader should try to find a strategy that fits them well and practice it until they get good at it.

But many new traders do not do this. They either try to trade every strategy at once or they do not have a strategy at all. I would say the majority of unsuccessful traders are those who have no consistency in their trading.

These traders will hear a hot tip from a friend about a company that is going to skyrocket and they will buy it. They will also buy big name companies that have crashed because they have to go up; they are after all huge companies. Then they will buy the flavor of the month because it is in the news.

Traders who invest in without a consistent plan are doomed to fail. Even if they find something that works they will not know what it is because they are going to the next new trade that is sure to make them rich. That is what keeps them from ever making any real money in the stock market.

What someone who wants to trade in the stock market should do is find one or two strategies that match them. Maybe they really like the idea of trend trading or option selling. In that case they should develop their own system to make it work and focus on making that work before they move onto the next trading strategy.

They should have specific buy and sell signals that they use every time they place a similar trade. That makes it easier to know if you can make money with that strategy because it is more consistent. After all if you keep doing the same thing then you are bound to come up with the same results.

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